May 29th, 2005

An Introduction

I would like to take this time to welcome you to this community. It would be very nice if people would post a bit of an introduction, and elaborate on their particular interests in Existentialism.

My introduction is as follows:

My name is Mary, and I'm currently a Junior at Bennington College. I study literature and philosophy. I have a specific interest in the connections between emotions, art, and authorial intent. This year has been my first year studying phenomenology and existentialism.

My interests in existentialism are primarily in corporal existence and being. I like to explore questions of body as object. Skin, vision, and mirrored reflection are themes in both art and existentialism that I explore personally and I'm always trying to make connections between love, art, and perception via this route.

I started this community in hopes of meeting a great number of people willing to discuss existentialism with genuine interest and curiousity. I welcome all of you, and hope to get to know you and your philosophical interests more indepth as time goes on.

Thank you.