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Here is my introduction post:

My name is Lindsay, and I'm planning on minoring in Philosopy next year when I go to college (I'm majoring in Psychology and minoring in art therapy also). I first was exposed to the philosophy of existentialism in my AP 12 English course in high school earlier this year while we were reading Crime and Punishment and later Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. I found it fascinating. I am currently exploring different philosophers and plan to read more. Right now I'm reading some Nietzsche, and The Reprieve by Sarte.

I believe that the core problem with people is that they cannot accept pain as a part of life. They constantly have idealistic expectations of what life should be and are constantly disapointed with what life is. The fact is, life cannot be all bliss, and no one is constantly happy. I think accepting pain as a part of life helps one enjoy life more thoroughly, because our expectations are then more realistic.

I was brought up in a very strict christian environment and have, only this year, left it. I absolutely am appalled by the idea that was taught to me that one must be christian in order to be a good person. I no longer consider myself christian, because my questions and searching have led me to believe otherwise, but I still uphold morals. I realized that there were a lot of genuinely good people out there who do not think like I did, and am now more open minded.

I question everything... and that is mostly what has led me to begin exploring existentialism. I know I have a long way to go, and am looking forward to this journey.

A part of my user info bio describes my views: "I know that there are different types of existentialism, and am currently doing more research. Obviously I am very into existentialism and am currently exploring that philosophy and finding a lot of value. I believe that solitude is bliss, as long as you have balance. Free will, independence, alone-ness. It amazes me how much strength it really takes to believe these things, especially with the world's concept of how people come in two's. But, I think those who do uphold existential beliefs are absolutely fascinating people. They have the capacity to ask questions not many people do, questions about life, why we're here, what everything means."


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