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etre_la's Journal

whos and not whats
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"I hate people who call themselves existentialists."
                                                                        -Jean Paul Sartre

General Information

This is a community dedicated to the intellectual exploration of any and all topics involving existentialism, phenomenology, or the politics of being.

General Rules

There are certain things I will not tolerate under any circumstances:

Stupidity I do not expect you to know everything there is to know about existentialism, and I welcome any and all questions regarding the topic. However, please be sensible when using the shift key (nOnE of ThIs), and use previous posts to learn about existentialism before you post asking "Who is Sartre/Camus/Heidegger, etc."

Disrespect Under no circumstances will I tolerate flaming/attacking. A healthy discussion is welcome (this is philosophy after all) but use your better judgment in starting an argument. If I see that you are abusing another member, you will be removed.

It would also be nice if all who joined took a moment to add an introduction. It doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate, just something to help everyone to get to know one another.

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